Military intelligence is the unified armed intelligence service of the Czech Republic. It is the only Czech intelligence service that integrates both intelligence and counter intelligence. The beginning of Czechoslovak military intelligence dates back to World War I. Officially, the organized intelligence unit of the Czechoslovak Army was established in November 1918. The current Military Intelligence was established in 2005 by the merger of the then counter intelligence Military Defence Intelligence and the Military Intelligence Service.

Military Intelligence is part of the Ministry of Defence. Director of Millitary Intelligence is appointed by the Minister of Defence after the hearing of the relevant committee of the Chamber of Deputies and with the approval of the government. In the performance of his duties, the Director is responsible to the Minister of Defence, who also, with the approval of the Government, appeals to him. Since October 2014 The Director of Military Intelligence is Lieutenant General Jan Beroun.


What we do

The main task of the Military Intelligence is to collect and evaluate information important for the defence of the Czech Republic. Military Intelligence integrates both intelligence and counter-intelligence activity. It provides information both domestically and abroad. Military intelligence focuses on information about intentions and activities threatening classified information and directed against the defence of the Czech Republic. It also monitors the activities of foreign intelligence services in the field of defense.

Based on a government decision, Military Intelligence guarantees cyber defense of the Czech Republic and is building a National Cyber-Force Center to create an effective cyber defence system so that the Czech Republic is able to protect the civilian population and infrastructure in the case of a cyber attack.

On the basis of the commitment to the North Atlantic Alliance, in which the Czech Republic committed to build a national element in the field of imagery intelligence, Millitary intelligence is building the satellite center SATCEN CR. This center will cooperate with NATO and the Czech Armed Forces but also for public, it will for example cooperate the Integrated Rescue System.

Satellite Center CZE SATCEN

Cyber Defence


How we work

Tasks to Military Intelligence are assigned by the Government of the Czech Republic and by the President of the Czech Republic with the Government fully aware of them. Performing them, Military Intelligence utilizes all intelligence branches, i.e. Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), and last but not least, bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Military Intelligence is authorised to use specific means to gain information. The means include the intelligence ones, such as intelligence devices, cover papers, cover means and monitoring of persons and things, and persons operating in Military Intelligence’s favour.

With respect to the membership of the Czech Republic in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the European Union (EU), Military Intelligence meets tasks resulting from obligations to these organizations, too.


Intelligence disciplines

HUMINT   Human Intelligence gathers and processes information provided by human resources.

SIGINT   Signal Intelligence processes data and information obtained from the electromagnetic spectrum emitted by communication and non-communication electronic means.

OSINT   Open Source Intelligence processes information obtained from publicly available sources and from other non-classified sources that are limited to publishing or accessing.

IMINT   Image Intelligence handles information from image data obtained from photographic, radiolocation, electrophoretic, infrared, thermal imaging, laser and multispectral sensors.